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Optimise the impact of your listing now! Designate your foreign language contacts.

Das Regionale - Telefonauskunft AG offers a unique new listing service. Companies can now designate contacts among their staff who speak foreign languages.

Small entry - big impact! How it works:

Your staff who have foreign language skills can now be designated as points of contact in your directory entry. This delivers enormous benefits to your listing, especially when users search in one of the nine languages we offer.

Your benefits in summary

Foreign users interested in your company will be able to contact the appropriate member of staff
Foreign customers/companies will be more effectively made aware of you
Non-German-speakers in Germany will quickly find the right person to contact
An entry designating staff with language skills will enjoy preferential listing
Language barriers and misunderstandings will be avoided, or at least minimised
Quick contact with the appropriate person

Enhance the impact of your listing now by designating staff with language skills as contacts.

How the listing works

How your listing might look

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