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Location, Postcode

Select down the looked for industry (multiple choice possible). Above in the alphabet register select the initial letter of the industries. If you want to limit the search locally, enter the region and click you on entries indicate.


Abattoirs, Horse butchers

Abattoirs, Large-capacity abattoirs

Abattoirs, Large-capacity butchers

Abattoirs, Poultry slaughter

Abattoirs, Slaughterhouses

Abattoirs, butchers

Abattoirs, butchers, Horse butchers

Abrasives, polishing stones, manufacturing

Abrasives, polishing stones

Academic institutions, Data centres

Academic institutions, Goethe Institutes

Academic institutions, Observatories

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Ingenieurwissenschaften

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Agricultural and food sciences

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Engineering sciences

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Languages, culture and arts

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Law, economics and social sciences

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Law, economics, languages and cultural studies

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Machinery

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Medical sciences

Academic institutions, seats of learning, Natural sciences, mathematics

Academies, colleges, universities

Academies of fine arts

Accessories, wholesale

Accessories, Gloves, wholesale

Accessories, Umbrellas, manufacturing

Accessories, Caps

Accessories, Caps, hats

Accessories, Fashion accessories

Accessories, Gentlemen's hats

Accessories, Gloves, retail

Accessories, Hats

Accessories, Hats, head coverings

Accessories, Ladies' hats

Accessories, Scarves, headscarves

Accessories, Umbrellas, retail

Accident insurance, Employer's liability insurance associations

Accommodation, Hotels, inns, bed-and-breakfasts





Accountants, trustees

Accounting offices, Ancillary rent costs

Accounting offices, Dentists' bills

Accounting offices, Doctors' bills

Accounting offices, Heating bills

Accounting offices, Hot water bills

Accumulators, retail

Acoustic engineering

Acting companies, Stunt artists

Activated charcoal, building preservatives, ink, manufacturing


ADAC local clubs

ADAC regional offices

Addiction advice

Addiction advice, Addiction to prescription medicines

Addiction advice, Alcohol addiction

Adhesives, glue, gelatin, manufacturing

Administration and business academies

Administration offices, Building administrators

Administration offices, Facility managers

Administration offices, Land and building administration

Administration offices, Shopping centre administration

Administrative colleges

Adult education

Adult education, Driving licences, teaching, training

Adult education, Evening colleges

Advertising, Advertising agencies

Advertising, Advertising copywriting

Advertising, Advertising film agencies

Advertising, Advertising installations

Advertising, Advertising production

Advertising, Advertising sales

Advertising, Advertising systems

Advertising, Aerial advertising

Advertising agencies

Advertising agencies, Building posters

Advertising, Cinema advertising

Advertising, Cinema advertising

Advertising consultants

Advertising consultants, Specialist advertising agencies

Advertising consultants BDW

Advertising design

Advertising, Direct mail distribution

Advertising, Illuminated advertising

Advertising, Illuminated and outdoor advertising

Advertising, Illuminated signs

Advertising, Media agencies

Advertising, Media centres

Advertising, Multimedia agencies

Advertising, Outdoor advertising

Advertising, Pharmaceutical advertising

Advertising, Poster advertising

Advertising products

Advertising, Promotional aids

Advertising, Sales promotion, Teleshopping

Advertising, Signs

Advertising, Sports advertising

Advertising, TV/radio advertising

Advice, Family advice

Advice, Nutrition, diet

Advice, Advice to foreigners

Advice, Advice to mothers

Advice, Advice to young people

Advice, AIDS advice

Advice, Career advice

Advice centres, Education, marriage, family

Advice centres, Social advice, addiction assistance

Advice, Diabetes advice

Advice, Disability advice

Advice, Family advice

Advice, Marriage guidance

Advice, Parenting advice

Advice, Pregnancy advice

Advice, Psychological advice

Advice, Sexual health advice

Advice, Social welfare advice

Advisors, Fungal infections

Advisors/consultants, Agricultural consultants

Advisors/consultants, Colour/style advisors

Advisors/consultants, Energy consultants

Advisors/consultants, Feng Shui advisors

Aerated concrete products, Porous concrete

Aerosol filling companies

Aerospace industry, manufacturing

AFA furniture stores

Agencies, Event agencies

Agencies, Model agencies

Agencies, publishers, Direct-mail advertising

Agents, Holiday homes, apartments

Agricultural and gardening equipment, manufacturing

Agricultural bookkeeping offices

Agricultural colleges, Forestry colleges

Agricultural cooperatives, Agricultural purchasing and selling cooperatives

Agricultural engineering colleges

Agricultural equipment, manufacturing

Agricultural equipment, retail

Agricultural equipment, Agricultural equipment

Agricultural equipment and machinery, manufacturing

Agricultural equipment, Combine harvesters

Agricultural equipment, Cultivators

Agricultural equipment, Earth working

Agricultural equipment, Lawn-mowers

Agricultural equipment, Motorised cutters

Agricultural equipment, Mowers

Agricultural equipment, Threshers

Agricultural health insurance funds

Agricultural machinery, wholesale

Agricultural machinery, wholesale

Agricultural machinery, selling & distribution

Agricultural machines, Agricultural trailers

Agricultural machines, Hackers

Agricultural machines, Harvesters

Agricultural machines, Muck-spreaders

Agricultural machines, Seeding machines

Agricultural machines, Tractors, traction engines

Agricultural machinery, equipment, manufacturing

Agricultural machinery, Incubators

Agricultural purchasing associations

Agriculture, Animal/cattle trading and zoo supplies

Agriculture, Farming, animal husbandry

Agriculture, Flower, Plant

Agriculture, Fodder, potatoes, seed

Agriculture, Full-time agriculture

Agriculture, gardening, hunting

Agriculture, Grain, seed, animal feed

Agriculture, Leathers, furs

Agriculture, Merchandise/animal trading

Agriculture, Organic agriculture

Agriculture, Part-time agriculture

Agriculture, Plant nurseries

Agriculture, Threshing barns

Air-conditioning systems, wholesale

Aircraft, wholesale

Aircraft and aircraft supplies, manufacturing

Aircraft manufacture, manufacturing

Aircraft manufacture

Aircraft manufacture, aerospace industry

Aircraft manufacture, Aircraft components, supplies

Aircraft manufacture, Gliders

Aircraft manufacture, Helicopters

Aircraft manufacture, Jet aircraft

Aircraft manufacture, Jet engines

Aircraft manufacture, Motorized aircraft

Aircraft supplies, Glider supplies


Air freight agents and carriers

Air handling, Air-conditioning systems

Air handling, Dedusting

Air handling/refrigeration, Gas systems

Air handling, Ventilation/air-conditioning systems

Air handling, Ventilation systems



Airport operations

Airport operators

Air transport

Air transport, Air freight

Air transport, Airlines

Air transport, Charter flights

Air transport, Occasional flights

Air transport, Scheduled flights

Air transport, Space transportation

Albums, manufacturing

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine practices

Alternative medicine practitioners, Acupuncture

Alternative medicine practitioners, Allergy/pain therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Autologous blood therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Bach flower therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Bioresonance therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Cancer therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Chinese medicine

Alternative medicine practitioners, Chiropractice

Alternative medicine practitioners, Colonic hydrotherapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Community practices

Alternative medicine practitioners, Dark-field microscopy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Foot reflex zones

Alternative medicine practitioners, Homeopathy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Hypnosis therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Iris diagnostics

Alternative medicine practitioners, Kinesiology

Alternative medicine practitioners, Laser therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Lymph drainage

Alternative medicine practitioners, Magnetic field therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Neural therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Osteopathy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Oxygen therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Ozone therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Phytotherapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Regeneration therapy

Alternative medicine practitioners, Single surgeries

Alternative medicine practitioners, Specialist fields

Aluminium, manufacturing

Aluminium foil, manufacturing

Aluminium products, Household articles

Aluminium products, Sections, tubes, sheets

Ambassadors, Consular departments

Ambassadors, Diplomats

Ambassadors, Embassies

Anchovies, caviar, salmon and eels

Animal carcass disposal

Animal carcass processing

Animal farms, manufacturing

Animal fodder, Working animals, pets

Animal fodder, Working animals

Animal husbandry associations

Animal husbandry associations, Beekeepers' associations

Animal husbandry associations, Cattle breeding associations

Animal husbandry associations, Fish breeding associations

Animal husbandry associations, Goat breeding associations

Animal husbandry associations, Horse breeding associations

Animal husbandry associations, Pig breeding associations

Animal husbandry associations, Pigeon breeding associations

Animal husbandry associations, Poultry breeding associations

Animal husbandry associations, Sheep breeding associations

Animal husbandry/breeding, Other animals

Animal husbandry/care, Service providers

Animal preparations, manufacturing

Animal trading, selling & distribution

Animal trading, wholesale

Animal trading, Horses

Animal trading, Piglets

Animal trading, Pigs, piglets

Animal trading, Sheep, goats


Answering machines installers

Anthracite, Coal briquettes

Antiques, retail

Antiques, Antique carpets, retail

Antiques, Objets d'art

Antiques, Second-hand goods, retail

Antiques, Watches & clocks

Antique, Household goods, Furniture, Lifestyle accessory, selling & distribution

Antiques, furniture, lifestyle accessories, selling & distribution

AOK federal association


Apiaries, Beekeeping

Apparatus, Filter apparatus

Apparatus, machinery, selling & distribution

Apparatus manufacture, manufacturing

Apple/fruit wines

Arable agriculture, Cereal growing

Arable agriculture, Rice growing


Architects, Bank building construction

Architects, Building

Architects, Church construction

Architects, Construction of administrative buildings

Architects, Exhibition & trade fair designers

Architects, Factory construction

Architects, Freelance architects

Architects, Gardening and landscape planning

Architects, Garden planning

Architects, Hospital construction

Architects, Hotel/restaurant construction

Architects, House building

Architects, Industrial buildings

Architects, Interior designers

Architects, Kindergarten construction

Architects, Landscape planning

Architects, Large-scale development planning

Architects, Monumental construction

Architects, Renewable energies

Architects, Salaried staff

Architects, Salaried staff and civil servants

Architects, School building construction

Architects, Shared offices

Architects, Shopping centre construction

Architects, Sports facility construction

Architects, Theatre construction, stage set design

Architects, Trade fair & exhibition stand design

Architects, Urban buildings

Architects, Urban planning

Architects, Urban planning & development, regional planning

Architects, consulting engineers

Architect, Interior designer

Archives, Business archives

Archives, Chamber/association archives

Archives, Church archives

Archives, Club archives

Archives, Corporate archives

Archives, Federal archives

Archives, Institute archives

Archives, Local archives

Archives, Municipal archives

Archives, Parliamentary archives

Archives, Press archives

Archives, Private archives

Archives, State archives


Aristocratic associations

Armature windings

Artificial fabrics, manufacturing

Artificial leather goods, manufacturing

Artist agencies

Artists, Artistes

Artists, Entertainers

Artists, Musicians

Artists, Singers

Artists, authors, actors

Artists' supplies

Artists' supplies, retail

Artists' supplies, retail

Artists' supplies, wholesale

Artists' supplies, wholesale

Art products, wholesale

Arts and classics oriented grammar schools

Arts & crafts, manufacturing

Arts & crafts, retail

Arts & crafts, Ceramic workshops

Arts & crafts, Folk art

Art works and gift articles, collectables, retail

Asbestos removal

Asphalt, roof board, mineral products, manufacturing

Asset consulting

Asset consulting

Asset consulting/management, Asset investments

Asset management

Asset managers

Assistance funds

Associations, Advertising industry associations

Associations, Agricultural/forestry associations

Associations, Animal welfare associations

Associations, AOK state association

Associations, BKK state association

Associations, Cattle breeding

Associations, Consumer advice centres

Associations, Consumer associations

Associations, Co-operative associations

Associations, Dairy industry associations

Associations, Energy consumers' associations

Associations, Environmental protection associations

Associations, Federal association of trade health insurance funds

Associations, Federal mail order association

Associations, Fisheries associations

Associations, Industrial associations

Associations, Innungskrankenkasse (IKK) state association

Associations, National health insurance fund associations

Associations, Paper and plastics industry associations

Associations, Physically handicapped associations

Associations, Quality associations

Associations, School associations

Associations, Social security insurance funds

Associations, State health insurance fund associations

Associations, Tourist associations

Associations, VdK offices

Associations, War victims' associations

Associations, Youth hostel associations

Associations, Youth organisations


Auctions, Fruit and vegetable auctions

Auctions, Stamp auctions

Auction trading

Audio media, manufacturing

Audio media, CDs, cassettes, MP3s

Audio media, CD, DVD, MP3, wholesale

Audio media, CD, DVD, MP3, selling & distribution

Audio media, DVD

Audio media, Records

Auditors, accountants, tax advisors, bookkeepers







Authors, Films, television

Authors, Literary agents

Authorised Dealers, Alfa Romeo

Authorised Dealers, Aston Martin

Authorised Dealers, Audi

Authorised Dealers, Bentley

Authorised Dealers, BMW

Authorised Dealers, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Corvette

Authorised Dealers, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge

Authorised Dealers, Citroen

Authorised Dealers, Daihatsu

Authorised Dealers, Ferrari

Authorised Dealers, Fiat

Authorised Dealers, Ford

Authorised Dealers, Honda

Authorised Dealers, Hyundai

Authorised Dealers, Isuzu

Authorised Dealers, Jaguar

Authorised Dealers, Kia

Authorised Dealers, Lada

Authorised Dealers, Lamborghini

Authorised Dealers, Lancia

Authorised Dealers, Land Rover

Authorised Dealers, Landwind

Authorised Dealers, Lexus, Toyota

Authorised Dealers, Maserati

Authorised Dealers, Mazda

Authorised Dealers, Mercedes

Authorised Dealers, MG

Authorised Dealers, Mitsubishi

Authorised Dealers, Nissan

Authorised Dealers, Opel

Authorised Dealers, Peugeot

Authorised Dealers, Porsche

Authorised Dealers, Renault

Authorised Dealers, Rolls-Royce

Authorised Dealers, Saab

Authorised Dealers, Seat

Authorised Dealers, Simca, Talbot

Authorised Dealers, Skoda

Authorised Dealers, Ssang Yong

Authorised Dealers, Subaru

Authorised Dealers, Suzuki

Authorised Dealers, Volvo

Authorised Dealers, VW

Auto batteries, wholesale

Auto batteries, retail

Automobile manufacture, PKW und LKW

Automotive electronics, wholesale

Autonomous districts

Auto parts, Radiator repairs

Auto repairs, Auto glass repairs

Auto workshops, Vintage cars

Awnings, retail



Location, Postcode


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