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Sales agents

Postcode, Location

Alcoholic beverages
Apparatus, machinery
Baked goods
Postage stamps, coins
Dental supplies
Ores, metals
Prefabricated building...
Catering supplies
Large-scale kitchen ou...
Wholesale shopping out...
Sales agents
Wood brokers
Cosmetic articles
Cosmetic articles
Food, beverages, tobacco
Publishers' agents
Fruits, vegetables
Propane gases
Jewellery, watches
Sports/outdoor articles
Base textiles
Entertainment centres
Merchandise/animal tra...
Wine trading
Newspaper representati...

Coatings, paints, varn...

Modellers' supplies
Flower & plant trading
Chemicals, fertilisers

Precision-mechanical o...
Photographic equipment
Precision-mechanical a...
Medical articles and e...
Emissions testers
Photographic equipment

Large-scale kitchen ou...
Heating boilers
Coffee, tea, cocoa, sp...
Plastic/rubber products
Food, confectionery & ...
Milk, eggs, meat
Oils, greases
Washing & cleaning pro...
Gaming machines
Minerals, stones
Frozen foods
Distribution centres
Promotional & gift art...
Zoological articles

Antiques, furniture, l...
Furniture and househol...
Pharmaceuticals, medic...
Clothing fabrics
Fuel trading
Office equipment & fit...
Domestic electrical ap...
Domestic electrical ap...
Pelts, skins, leather
Gas, water, heating in...
Heating boilers
Grain, animal feeds, s...
Grain, seed, animal feed
Sales agencies
Sales agents
Sales agencies
Stoves, ovens
Candles, waxes

Leather goods
Minerals, glass
Orthopaedic articles
Toys/games, musical in...
Gaming machines
Confectionery, sugar
Animal trading
Water/sewage plants

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